Match My Assets believes that an environmentally and sustainable attitude in today’s fragile world is essential. Therefore, Match My Assets conducted the project 99% paperless. Besides, we promote the use of sustainable transport for our meetings.

With Match My Assets, we hope to make an additional contribution to environmental sustainability. Hopefully, interested users can create their selections more accurately, and print fewer hardcopy presentations or job applications.

As a result, we selected on purpose the most environmentally friendly data centre in Switzerland, which is run by Infomaniak Network SA, to host the Match My Assets website.

For instance, 100% of Infomaniak Network’s energy is renewable. The company offsets all CO2 emissions, and they only purchase servers with “low voltage” technologies or more heat-tolerant servers. This decision enables Infomaniak Network SA to cool down the servers mostly by outside air. 

Above all, Infomaniak Network SA is an ISO 14001, 27001 and 50001 certified hosting service provider.